Regulations of Forex and Binary in Vanuatu

Vanuatu Regulation Increasingly Popular Among Binary Options and FX Brokers

Vanuatuformerly called the New Hebrides is a nation and a group of eighty three islands strategically located between Hawaii and Australia. This jurisdiction is known as the region’s foremost financial center. This jurisdiction is known for its commitment to the facilitation of favorable commercial outcomes for overseas clients.

Vanuatu has been a popular tax haven since 1971 and has offshore companies registered within its jurisdictions. The government has taken several initiatives in order to streamline bureaucracy and fast track overseas investments. All these steps have led to having about fifteen percent of Vanuatu’s GDP contributed by activities related to offshore companies.

A common law legal framework, no income tax, no capital gains tax nor inheritance tax as well as a minimal compliance costs provide an accessible and stable environment for Forex and Binary Options companies. Vanuatu is also one of the few countries that, have not signed the AEOI – Automatic Exchange Of Information.

Vanuatu has a very user friendly Act, the Prevention of Frauds Act which allows an individual or a company to apply for a Securities Dealers License.

Under the regulating and supervising body for all financial licenses in Vanuatu – the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, established in 1993 (“VFSC”) and due to its friendly Act, regarding the Prevention of Frauds which allows an individual or a company to apply for a Securities Dealers License the island nation of Vanuatuis becoming a preferred jurisdictionfor many Forex brokers looking for regulation.

There are three main reasons for the Vanuatu’s license increasing popularity:

  • It is the fastest available Forex/Binary Options regulation on the market today ; it is possible to be granted a license in only 2 to 3 months
  • Very low capital requirements, even compared to other well-known licensing jurisdictions, such as Mauritius and Belize. Extremely low minimum equity requirement; the minimum capital required can be as low as 2000 US Dollars.
  • There are no capital requirements or other licensing conditions, if the incorporated company carries their business anywhere in the world except Vanuatu

Choosing Vanuatu Forex regulation also has several other advantages, such as:

  • VFSC does not require the companies that apply for the license to have any local office in Vanuatu.
  • No local staff in Vanuatu is required.
  • No financial reporting requirements or taxation in Vanuatu

By obtaining a securities license you will be allowed to buy, sell, and trade securities such as shares, bonds, commodities, CFDs, and Forex as well as portfolio management for and on behalf of your clients.

Being regulated is a major advantage for both Forex and Binary Options companies worldwide as it boosts trust among traders and extends their reputation.


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