Company Formation in Vanuatu

We are an organization that has the skills, the attitude and the understanding of the world economy while retaining its consumer orientation to provide the right solution from an unparalleled jurisdiction, Vanuatu.

Vanuatu compromises a group of 83 islands situated half way between Australia and Hawaii. The International Business Companies (IBC) Act of 1993 that has been modelled after the International Business Companies Acts already in place in the Bahamas and the BVI forms the framework for a company’s operation.

There are a number of features which make Vanuatu an attractive place to form an offshore company:

  • Vanuatu has zero corporate tax, both for international and domestic/resident companies. Companies are also exempt from capital and exchange controls.
  • Accounts must be kept but don’t need to be filed, and there are no auditing requirements.
  • Offshore companies may keep its accounts, records, minutes or registers at any place in the world;
  • The Vanuatu incorporation documents do not carry the name or identity of the member(s) or director(s) and the onlypublic information about the company, is the company’s Constitution, the location of its registered office, the name of its registered agent and any charges against its assets.
  • Certified passport copy bearing the photograph of the applicant.
  • Proof of address: We accept the following documents: a recent bank account statement (no more than 3 months old), driving license or national identity card containing current residential address, utility bill (no older than 3 months)

For companies we will also need a Certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, a Certificate of Good Standing (for Companies that have been incorporated more than 1 year ago);

After receiving all the above mentioned documents, Starting Offshore will formally submit your application for filing with the Registry. The Registry will then process the incorporation and produce the official certificates that are required for opening your bank account in case you will request one.

A minimum of one director and one shareholder are required for incorporation.

The usual time frame for incorporating an offshore company in Vanuatu is around 1 week.

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Tell us your ideas and we would be happy to help you and provide free consultation.


Tell us your ideas and we would be happy to help you and provide free consultation.